Thank Arthur It's Friday was started in March 1994 after members of our dance class at Warringah Dance Academy were looking for somewhere to practise what they had learnt in class. After making some dance tapes, Arthur was asked to provide some music for the dance group's Christmas Party at Palm Beach Golf Club in 1993. After some prompting from our fellow dancers, we decided that we would run a social dance once a month. At the time there was no social dance on a Friday on the Northern Beaches peninsula.

With this in mind, we enlisted the help of Betty's cousin Cheryl (who was an advertising and media consultant) to come up with a name that people would remember. Hence the name Thank Arthur It's Friday was born.

Our brief was to provide a social dance that would surpass all others. After going to many other dances we decided that along with the dancing and music selection, we had to create something that was different. Betty, being an excellent cook came up with the idea of providing a supper that would be second to none.

Our first dance in March 1994 attracted about eighty people which wasn't too bad considering the venue at Allambie Heights was fairly remote for a lot of people. We continued at Allambie Heights until December 1995 and still hoped to crack the magical one hundred people for a dance. Although success was moderate, we decided to persevere and moved to Forestville Memorial Hall when it became available in 1996.

Immediately the numbers rose with the change in venue that was more central. Soon we reached the milestone of over one hundred people at our dance. That was a dream come true for us and we wanted to sustain this success. We had dancers from all over Sydney as well as from the Central Coast and South Coast.

After 9 years (and over 100 dances) at Forestville, in 2005 we decided to move our dance to Top Ryde Civic Hall as demographically, it would be more central for the dancers that we attract. In particular those from the South and Central Coast and North and Western Suburbs. The air-conditioning is an added bonus and the added space will make it more inviting to our dancers, as this is truly one of the finest venues for ballroom dancing in Sydney.

Since our move to Top Ryde we have seen our numbers grow and this justifies our bold move. With the lack of Saturday dances, we started Betty's Ballroom Blitz in January 2006, which is also a Supper Dance (no hot food) for the great value of $18 entry per person.